Things to Do in Norfolk This Winter

News at Musker McIntyre | 18/01/2022

Things to Do in Norfolk This Winter


Norfolk, with its fabulous waterways, beaches and coastal walks is fabulous in summer. In winter it’s positively enchanting.


@AModernMother: “Winter in Norfolk is a bit special. It’s not always quieter around New Year, but the rest of the time it’s usually much less populated on walks giving access to some fabulous uninterrupted scenery.

And here’s our shortlist of activities and attractions which, here at Musker McIntyre we believe makes Norfolk a ‘must-visit’ location every winter:

See the seal pups at Blakeney Point

If you think stuffed toy seals are cute, just wait ‘til you see the real thing. Hundreds of seal pups are born at Blakeney Point from October to January every year. You’ll see their mums come ashore to give birth to them on the beach – and you can watch (albeit from a distance). With around 2,500 seals, Norfolk has the biggest colony in England. Take a boat trip out to see them in all their days-old glory (one of the best places being Horsey Gap). Just remember to take your binoculars with you so you don’t miss out.


Boat out along the Broads

Sticking with a maritime theme - but also a natural one – winter is a great time to check out the wildlife on the broads. That’s because with the vegetation dying off and more of the area exposed, there’s so much more bird, insect and wildlife to spot. Look for otters or water voles and see how many birds you can spot, from March Harriers, Cormorants and Canadian Geese, to Kingfishers, Kestrel and even Barn Owls. Insect life is represented by damselflies and whirligig beetles to name but a few.


Spend the day at Cromer

The former haunt of Royalty and a hugely popular holiday resort in the early 20th century, Cromer still has its Victorian style pier today. There you go and watch the winter variety show at the end of the pier theatre, or simply stroll along it on a sunny winter’s day and check out the impressive Victorian and Georgian homes at the seafront. Take a trip around the town and see if you can spot the nine blue plaques where Cromer’s famous sons and daughters once resided.


Sample some local produce

From Cromer crabs and Brancaster mussels to Norfolk Asparagus and some fine local brews – there is plenty of food and drink unique produced here in Norfolk that will certainly set your taste buds tingling. Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales and the English Whisky Co. are two distillers certainly worth popping in to. The former can be found just off the Broads at Woodbastwick and the latter at the St George’s Distillery, just off the A11 at Roudham.


Explore Thetford Forest


Whether by foot or mountain bike, this heathland of lowland pines and broadleaved trees is a delight to explore, especially in winter when the ground is crisp with frost and the trees literally bare their secrets. At 19,000 ha Thetford is huge and a haven to plenty of birds, insects and animals, including beautiful antlered deer and wild horses. So definitely bring along your camera.  There’s the café to warm up in with hot chocolate or mulled wine afterwards.


Well, have we enticed you to come to our special part of England yet? If you have already been and fallen in love with East Anglia then you may be considering moving here. If that’s the case then here at Musker McIntyre we cover property in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas.


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