Some simple interior design ideas to spruce up your home ready to sell

News at Musker McIntyre | 23/04/2019

Virtually all the potential buyers who visit your home will make up their mind about the property with seconds of walking through your front door. If you’re going to ensure that the first impression your home makes is a good one, you need to put a little effort into presenting your property ready for the market.

To help you make all the right adjustments to your home, we’re taking a look at some easy interior design ideas to spruce up your home ready to sell.

Clear the clutter

If there’s one thing that can put buyers off instantly, it’s clutter. A room that’s packed full of furniture and ornaments will look and feel cramped, even if it’s relatively spacious. What’s more, having a lot of personal possessions in the space can make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves in the property – something that’s essential if an offer is going to be put on the table.

Spend some time clearing the clutter from your living room, kitchen, bedrooms and communal areas. Remove as many personal items as possible and pack other objects into cupboards and drawers. Although you don’t need to get rid of all your ornaments and family photos, the more you can remove from the space, the better. 

Go green

Introducing a bit of foliage into your home is an effective and affordable way to brighten up your interior and make it a little more appealing to buyers. Invest in some large pot plants for your living areas and give your home an instant eco makeover. As well as helping you revitalise your existing home, these feature plants will go a long way to making your new property that little bit more stylish when it’s time to move. 

Replace dark curtains and blinds

Windows have a huge impact on how a room looks and feels. You can brighten up your interior, and improve the quality of the light entering the space, by replacing dark, heavy curtains or blinds with lighter alternatives. This will maximise the light flooding into your home and make your interior look larger and more welcoming.  

Brighten up your walls

Although you may love having bold, dark colours on your walls, your buyers might not. Give the rooms in your property a neutral new look before you put your home on the market. As well as helping the space to feel lighter and brighter, white or neutral walls will create a blank canvas for your potential buyers to work from.

Just a few easy tweaks can make a huge difference to how potential buyers view your property. Making these changes before you put your home on the market will help to ensure it makes a great first impression and gets the attention it deserves. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to find out more.