Simple spring cleaning tips

News at Musker McIntyre | 17/04/2019

There’s just something about long, sunny days and warm weather that makes us want to throw open the windows, roll up our sleeves and get stuck into some good old-fashioned cleaning. If you’re about to launch a spring clean of your own, here are our top tips for making the most of this annual clear out.




De-cluttering your property will make it look instantly more spacious and more stylish. Putting your ornaments, books, clothes and other belongings back in their place, and throwing away anything you no longer use, will help you get more from your interior design and make your living spaces look their best.


Try to be as brutal as you can when it comes to throwing things away. Anything that’s still usable can be sold or sent to a local charity shop, while anything that’s seen better days should be taken straight to the dump. De-cluttering your property is even more important if you’re thinking about putting it on the market. Buyers prefer homes that have minimal clutter and your rooms are likely to feel brighter, lighter and more spacious if you’ve got rid of any excess belongings.


Take it one room at a time


If this is your first deep-clean in a while, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed by the task at hand. To ensure you’re not put off before you even begin, take the job one room at a time. As well as helping you to stay focused, finishing one room completely before you move onto the next will help to give you a real sense of achievement and ensure you’re not living in a chaotic property.


Make the job even easier by writing a thorough to do list for each room. You can then work your way through the list methodically until the job is done. Invest in all the cleaning supplies you need before you start so that you don’t have to run to the shops for more sponges just as you’re getting into your cleaning flow.


Tackle easy maintenance jobs


If you have the time, and the know-how, the spring clean can be the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of the easy maintenance jobs that have been building up over the year. Things like leaky taps can finally be fixed, peeling paint touched up and blocked or cracked gutters repaired ready for the summer.


As well as helping your home to run a little more smoothly, taking care of obvious maintenance jobs is essential if you’re going to put your property up for sale. The last thing a new buyer wants is to inherit your to do list, so make sure you’ve tackled the most pressing of your home maintenance tasks before putting your home on the market.


Giving your home a thorough spring clean will make it a more enjoyable place to be and help impress any potential buyers that walk through your door. Find out more about getting your home ready for the market by taking a look around our site today.