Norwich gets given the Monopoly treatment!

News at Musker McIntyre | 26/02/2019

Norwich gets given the Monopoly treatment!

One of the most iconic board games of all time, Monopoly is the go to family entertainment for millions of households around the country. As well as giving parents, kids and siblings the chance to pit their wits against each other, the game is also a great way for young people to start thinking about property values. Although prices have gone up considerably since the game was first invented, the idea of desirable streets and up coming areas still exists to this day.

The popularity of Monopoly may well explain why the recently launched Property Wars tool has been such a hit. Evoking elements of the game and offering people the chance to find out all about the property values in the towns and cities near them, the tool is a must see for anyone with a love of Monopoly.

Property Wars

If you want to create your very own Monopoly board, simply type the name of your chosen town or city into the Property Wars tool. The clever programme will the look at average house prices in the roads around you and create your very own tailored board to have a look at.

Although you won’t get a physical copy of your board, the layout will give you a good idea of which streets are the most desirable and which still have a way to go. The board also tells you the average house value for properties on local streets, allowing you to compare the affordability of locations quickly and easily.

The Norwich Monopoly Board

If you’re a Norwich local, or if you’ve recently moved to the area, you’ll find the Norwich Monopoly Board a very interesting read. The road with the lowest average property prices is Woodhill Rise in New Costessey. On this modestly priced street, you can pick up a property for an average of just £39,660. The next most affordable street on the board is Norris Court, where the average property will set you back £65,000. While on Portway Place you should be able to pick up a property for £68,750.

At the other end of the scale, the average property on Church Avenue will cost a whopping £1,098,300. While the desirable Fairfield Road sees most homes sell for around £965,000. The most expensive square on the Norwich Monopoly board is Blickling. Here, you’ll need a cool £1.5 million if you want to secure a new home.

Browsing the Norwich Monopoly board is a great way to get more familiar with the city and its most desirable, and most affordable, streets. If you’re thinking about moving to the area, or if you’re already a local and want to stay in and around Norwich, we can help you find your dream home. Drop into one of our local branches or give us a call to find out more.