Norfolk becoming more accessible

News at Musker McIntyre | 03/07/2019

Affect dualling the A47 could have on Norfolk property prices


Norfolk is one of just nine counties in the UK that doesn’t contain any stretches of motorway. And although this is very much part of the region’s charm – quiet roads make for quiet countryside, after all – it can make getting in and out of the county slow and frustrating. This is especially true during peak holiday periods when thousands of extra cars hit Norfolk’s roads and clog its towns and cities.


A possible solution to this problem is dualling the A47. One of the county’s busiest roads, the route links King’s Lynn, Swaffham, Dereham, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. As well as helping to slash travel times in the area, dualling all, or part, of the A47 could help to boost property prices in Norfolk. Making the area even more desirable and improving local infrastructure, the scheme could be great news for the county and the people who live there.


Dualling the A47


Local residents and politicians have been campaigning to dual the A47 for a long time now. Increasing the road to two lanes would help to ease congestion around the county’s busiest towns and cities and help locals and visitors reach their destinations a lot more easily.


At the moment, local MPs and councillors are applying for funding to dual the road in three places: the Acle Straight, Tilney to East Winch and Peterborough to Wisbech. Three of the busiest sections of the road, dualling these stretches would have a significant impact on quality of life in the region.


Boost to business


Making Norfolk, and Norwich in particular, more accessible should be great news for businesses based in the area. Shorter travel times should help to attract more tourists to the region and even local residents will be more likely to get out and about if traffic jams and delays are less common.


Not only will dualling the A47 boost business in towns and cities located on the route, it’s also likely to drive trade to more remote areas. Improved infrastructure will help to make even distant parts of Norfolk a lot more accessible and attract more people to the area.


House prices


Thriving businesses and good transport infrastructure will make Norfolk even more attractive to those looking to relocate to the county. Improved road systems could also make commuting to other towns and cities much easier – something that could make living in the area more feasible for those who have to travel to work every day.


As more people move to the area, house prices are likely to go up, especially