New property tool shows how fast property sells in Norwich

News at Musker McIntyre | 17/04/2019

The length of time it takes you to sell your property can have a big impact on your house hunt and your finances. If your home flies off the shelves within days of being listed, it will put the pressure on to find a new home of your own. However, if your property lingers on the market for weeks, months or even years, it could cause your chain to collapse and prevent you from buying your dream home.


Getting an idea of the average length of time it takes to sell a property can therefore make a big difference to your house hunt. The more you know about your local property market, the easier it will be to perfectly time your search and get the best results possible from your property sale.


Compare sale times online


A new online tool makes it easier than ever to compare how fast properties sell in different parts of the country. Simply type in your postcode, or your city, to see the average amount of time it takes for a home to sell in the area near you. The tool has revealed that the postcode with the shortest sale time is S11 in Sheffield. In this desirable corner of the UK, houses sell in an average of just 11 days. In CA9, Cumbria, however, property owners need to be a little more patient. In this slow-moving postcode, sellers can wait up to 608 days for a buyer.


Property in Norwich


When compared to national sale times, property in Norwich falls into the middle ground. On average, homeowners will need to wait between 117 and 179 days for their sale to go through.


There are a few postcodes in and around Norwich where property tends to fly off of the shelves a little quicker. In both NR4 and NR2, homeowners can expect to find a buyer in just 98 days. This shows how desirable property is in these up and coming areas. Head a little further from the city centre however, and things aren’t so speedy. In both NR9 and NR11, homeowners wait an average of 254 days for a buyer, meaning that it can take the best part of a year for a property to find a new owner.


How to speed up your sale


If you want to find a buyer for your property quickly, you need to ensure it’s ready for the market. Make sure any obvious maintenance issues are taken care of, give dark rooms a light, bright lick of pain and de-clutter the property as much as possible. It’s also important to ensure that your home is priced correctly for the local market and that your chosen estate agent has plenty of interested buyers looking for homes in your area.


Learn more about the local Norwich property market, or talk to us about a property sale of your own, by getting in touch with a member of our expert team.