Musker McIntyre’s Guide to Moving

News at Musker McIntyre | 25/01/2023

If you plan to move house any day soon, you will no doubt already be getting anxious at the thought. And no wonder. It’s a big thing – so big that it’s regarded as one of the most stressful life events we can undertake.


So, to help you move with as little stress as possible, here at Musker McIntyre, we’ve developed this handy checklist for the day in question. Just strike a line through every task you complete, and you’ll see how much you’ve achieved each time you glance at it.


Moving day is usually when the money for buying the house is transferred to the seller’s account. You can then pick up the keys to your new abode. Once this is settled, it’s time to say goodbye to your old place and check everything has been packed. Make sure you write down the meter readings so you only pay for the utilities you’ve used.


Hire a removal company


Greet your removal company and start directing them to where they can find the furniture and boxes you’ve packed. To make life a lot easier for yourself once you reach your new home, always label everything. That way, you’ll know where the kettle is and the plates etc., so you can have something to eat once you get there.


The great thing about hiring a removal company is that you can concentrate on what else needs to be done while they do all the hard stuff. You can, for instance, round up the kids and make sure the dog has been to the toilet before you set off. And, actually, on that note – are there family members or a good friend who can take the kids and the dog that day to make your move smoother?


Make sure you take an 'essentials bag’ with you on the journey. This is for when you arrive at your new place. It should include things such as your laptop, toothbrush, medications, loo roll, snacks and night clothes. A book isn’t a bad idea either, to help you get off to sleep in your new place after an anxious day of moving.


@PostOffice: “You may have to wait for your internet connection to be set up at your new property, so make sure you download anything important you might need, like appliance instructions, directions, and those films you've been meaning to watch… If so, try turning your phone into a mobile hotspot in the meantime.”


How to prepare physically for moving


No one is saying moving house is easy. In fact, it can be draining – both physically and mentally. There’s so much to remember, and it is tiring lugging boxes around and keeping an eye on the kids at the same time.


And that’s why it’s important to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep the night before. That way, you’re more able to tackle anything unforeseen that may arise.


Have breakfast on moving day too, and take a flask of tea or water with you on your journey to ensure you stay hydrated.