Marketing your home during the festive period

News at Musker McIntyre | 21/11/2022

Are you putting your home on the market over the festive period and unsure what to do
about decorating for Christmas? Indeed, you don’t want to go over the top to such an extent
that your house is unrecognisable to viewers. But you do want to add a little cheer for your
family. So, read on for our Christmas property marketing tips:

Ramp up the scents
Christmas is a time of delicious scents, such as mulled wine and mince pies. If you don’t
have the energy to produce the actual food and drink, you can always get scented candles
that do the deed for you.

A real tree doesn’t just look great with all the tinsel and baubles adorning it; it also gives off a
lovely scent of fresh pine. Make sure you brush up regularly so you don’t get pine needles

Light a cosy fire
If you’re fortunate enough to have a log burner, start using it so that when visitors come to
view your home, they’ll see how cosy it can be.
Be discreet with décor

When hanging up Christmas decorations, go for a simple, classic look. Those who like
Scandi design will know exactly what we mean by that. Instead of garish red, green and
multi-coloured baubles, tinsel and lights, why not opt for white church candles, a little silver
tinsel and a beautiful holly wreath above the fireplace? A tree with white or silver baubles
and tinsel works well too.

@HouseBeautiful: “Avoid the bright, coloured flashing lights for your tree and any area
around and instead opt for a more tailored and sophisticated palette with white lights. This
creates a more neutral, all-round aesthetic appealing to more people.”

Get good in the garden
Forget the huge inflatable Santa or reindeer and the ‘in-your-face’ coloured lights (your
neighbours will love you for it, for a start). Instead, if you have a tree or large bush in the
garden, then string a simple set of white lights around it. A large holly wreath on the door
looks lovely, too, especially if it screams rustic and homemade and has a cheerful ribbon
tied around it. Hang up some mistletoe near the threshold, and, for a traditional look, how
about wrapping some trailing ivy around the window panes?

Prepare with photos
You can always take photographs of your home before you put up your Christmas
decorations. Show them to viewers when they come around so you can give them ‘an
honest’ look at your home. Either that, or you can wait until you’ve taken the decorations
down and then tell viewers you’re happy for them to come and look.

Get in touch
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