How to avoid the top 10 biggest fails Brits battled moving house

News at Musker McIntyre | 22/08/2019

Recent research has revealed the ten biggest pitfalls Brits fall into when moving house. From scratched walls and damaged furnishings to broken boxes and dirty properties, moving into a new property brings a number of challenges.


To help ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, we’re taking a look at how you can avoid these common house moving fails. 


1. Damaged furniture


When you move furniture out of one house and into another, there’s a good chance they’ll get a few scratches and scrapes on the way. The best way to avoid damaging your furniture is to hire a professional removals company to do the job for you.


2. Scratched walls


Again, professional movers should be able to get your belongings in and out of your property without damaging your walls.


3. Furniture that’s too big for your door


Before moving your furniture from one house to another, measure your largest possessions to make sure they’ll fit through your new door.


4. Furniture that’s too big for the stairs


Stairs are another major hazard when it comes to moving house. When moving beds, wardrobes and other furnishings up and down the stairs, having a team of strong helpers on hand will allow you to get the pieces in and out of your property unscathed. 


5. Not being able to manoeuvre furniture around a corner


Corners are another obstacle to watch out for when moving house. If your furniture won’t fit round a corner in your property, see if you can break the item down into parts and take it out piece by piece.


6. Broken moving boxes


When it comes to moving house, it’s well worth investing in good quality boxes. Weak boxes can easily break, spilling your belongings all over the floor and potentially causing a lot of damage.


7. The previous residents leaving the property dirty


No one wants to move into a dirty house. Make sure your new property is sparkling clean come moving day by arranging for professional cleaners to give the place a once-over before you arrive.


8. The house not being ready


There’s nothing more frustrating than packing up your pervious home, loading everything into a van and driving to your new property only to find it’s not ready. Make sure the previous owners know exactly when you’ll be arriving so they can ensure the property is clean, tidy and ready to go.


9. Not packing in time


Most of the time you’ll be given a moving date at least a few weeks in advance so there’s no excuse for not packing in time. If you’re in a rush, hire professional movers to pack your house up for you to ensure you meet your deadline.


10.  Delicate possessions breaking


From glasses to picture frames and plates to plants, some possessions need a little extra TLC if they’re going to make it to their destination in one piece. Moving your delicate belongings first can help to keep them out of harm’s way and prevent any accidental breakages.


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