Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

News at Musker McIntyre | 14/07/2021

Get Your Garden Ready for Summer



Now that summer is well and truly here, you are guaranteed to be spending a lot more time outdoors in your garden. But is your outside space ready?

If you haven’t already starting cutting, pruning and generally tidying up your back or front garden yet, here are a few tips to get you in the mood:


Liven up your lawn

No doubt your lawn isn’t looking its most luscious these days. Grass can suffer a lot during the winter months so it’s time to treat it a little to make sure it’s at its best during July and August. To do this, just remove any weeds and moss build up then get feeding it. If you discover any patchy areas it’s fine to just lay down some grass seed and water it.


Fuss with your furniture

When we say fuss, we mean wipe it so that it’s looking pristine and somewhere your visitors actually want to sit. So, give it a good scrub down to get it all shiny again (or at least clean). You might even want to treat yourself to some new seat covers and cushions?


Deal with decking

While you are cleaning your furniture, you might as well get involved with the decking at the same time. It might take a lot longer to clean but, after winter, it will definitely be needing it – especially if you plan on having family and friends around regularly. Using a pressure washer is the best way to get all the accumulated winter rubbish build-up from those wooden boards.


‘Big up’ the BBQ

And talking of entertaining… you will absolutely need to give the BBQ a big clean out. You’ll be amazed what manages to get in there during winter when it’s sitting in the shed. Creepy crawlies anyone? So, give it a good wipe and wash out (you can buy special barbecue cleaner in DIY shops). Then a lovely polish so that it’s all shiny and lovely looking when your guests arrive for their burgers and beer.


Get creative

 This is the fun part. Now that all the boring cleaning and maintenance jobs have been done, it’s time to exercise your creativity a little. So, pop down to your local gardening store and check out new plants and planters to add some colour to your outdoor surroundings.

And don’t just stop there. There are so many lovely solar lighting options available these days, how can you resist? If you fancy a change from previous years then now is your chance. They look wonderful and warming at night when you and your friends are sitting watching the sun go down with a glass of wine or two. Candles and flickering lanterns can be very atmospheric too.

Not only will doing up your garden make you and your family feel better this summer but, if you’re planning on selling, then it will also add to the value of your home.


@HouseBeautiful: “Landscaping your garden could significantly raise your property value by 77%, according to new research by Post Office Money.”


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