Five Great Local Causes That Have Caught Our Eye

News at Musker McIntyre | 16/10/2019

As a local business, we’re always excited and proud to discover initiatives going on in our community that make the area a better place to live and work. When everyone pulls together for a common cause, the benefits can be far reaching. We’re happy to report that you really don’t have to look far to stumble across brilliant examples of community spirit in action. Here are five in particular that have caught our eye… 


Taverham and Drayton Litter Pickers


Organised via an active and lively Facebook Group, Taverham and Drayton Litter Pickers is a group of locals who regularly meet to clear rubbish from public areas. Sponsored by local businesses, they also raise funds for unemployed residents. This is a great example of the power of using social media for good. The group typically meets several times a month, so why not consider getting involved?

Uniform Bank


Buying a school uniform can prove to be very expensive, and many families struggle to cover the costs. Uniform Bank collects for six local schools, ensuring that no child has to go without a uniform. They’re currently providing backpacks for the children they work with. There are several ways to contribute to this cause, including purchasing a backpack directly via Amazon or making a cash donation. 


 Drayton, Taverham and Hellesdon Children’s Centre


Children’s centres play an essential role in supporting children and families, and this branch is no different. A key service is helping children to get ready to start school. The ‘stay and play’ sessions are particularly popular and help build confidence in little ones before they join the world of formal education.

Emmaus Norfolk and Waveney

Emmaus is a charity that supports homeless people and helps them to find meaningful and fulfilling work opportunities. Local resident Frazer said, ‘Without all these lifelines and second chances, I wouldn’t be able to now say that I am living independently and working as a full-time paid van driver at Emmaus Norfolk & Waveney. I've finally got my life back.’ You can support their work via several routes, including shopping in their charity shop. 


Community Chaplaincy Norfolk


Community Chaplaincy Norfolk is a Christian service that supports ex-offenders so they can rebuild their lives after time in prison. On the day of release, the organisation tries to meet each client at the gate and take them to their accommodation, and ensure that they have all the information and assistance they need. They then regularly meet up to help overcome any challenges that might present themselves. 

As you can see, our area is a fantastic place to live, with a real sense of community and purpose. If you’re thinking about moving here and you’re looking for the right property for your family, we can help you. Get in touch today to discuss your options and find out more about our high-quality services. We’re waiting to take your call.