Did you have a DIY disaster over the bank holiday weekend?!

News at Musker McIntyre | 29/08/2019

For many of us, a bank holiday weekend presents an opportunity to get on top of those jobs that need doing around the home. Indulging in a little DIY can be relaxing and even enjoyable, and it can save you a chunk of money. However, it’s not always plain sailing. If you had a DIY disaster this bank holiday, then you’re definitely not alone. It may be a slightly amusing story to tell at the office, but there can be some serious ramifications. Here’s what you should be aware of moving forward…

Some jobs always require a qualified professional

Research by @GoCompare found that only 43% of homeowners would employ a professional tradesperson to undertake home maintenance jobs, while 58% would attempt the work themselves or enlist help from friends or family. Sometimes doing it yourself is fine, but there are often serious safety implications. Electrical, plumbing and gas work, for example, should always be carried out by a professional.

Check whether your home insurance will cover you


Safety aside, it’s important to note that undertaking some projects could render your home insurance invalid. This means that you would be liable to cover the costs of any associated damage. Before you start any work, you should always check your insurance policy to assess the potential implications. You may be surprised to discover what you won’t be covered for. From there, you can make an informed decision about your next steps.

What’s done is done, but it might be time to change your approach


Of course, you might have already learned these lessons the hard way. If that’s the case, you’ll likely be kicking yourself. If this is you, then the most valuable thing you can do is to change your approach going forward. Painting a wall is something you can realistically do on your own. Beyond that though, you should perhaps consider working with a tradesperson. It could save you a lot of hassle, stress and time in the longer term.

Are you thinking about moving house?

Often, we embark on DIY projects because we’re thinking about trying to increase the value of our homes. If this is the situation that you’re in right now, then we would love to help you. We can assist with every aspect of the process, and ensure that you have the expert guidance that you need. You may want to start with our guide to selling, which outlines our values and approach.

DIY disasters are unfortunately fairly common. If it’s happened to you, try not to beat yourself up. It can happen to anyone, and what’s important is that you have a plan for moving forward. If it’s time for you to get things in order ahead of selling your home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. With many years of experience, we’re ideally placed to give you the support you need.