14 Weeks to Christmas – Have I got enough time to move house?

News at Musker McIntyre | 17/09/2019

Thanks to the amount of work that goes into finding a new home, taking care of legalities and completing the paperwork, moving house has had a bad rep over the years. If you want to be in your dream property in time for Christmas, but haven’t yet got your home on the market, don’t worry. There might just be enough time to complete your move and start the New Year in your new home.


Average time it takes to move home


It usually takes between 8 and twenty-two weeks to complete a house move in the UK. In some cases, you may be able to get the sale wrapped up even quicker while, in rare cases, some buyers may see their purchase exceed twenty-two weeks.


The time it takes to complete your move will depend on a number of factors, including the state of the housing market, your organisational skills and the motivation of your buyers. And while there are some things you can’t change, there are some steps you can take to move your house move along and get into your new home in time for Christmas.


Prepare your home for the market


If you want to move house quickly, you need to sell your current property as soon as possible. You can increase the chances that your home will fly off the shelves by prepping it for the market before your viewings begin.


To help attract buyers, clear your interior of any clutter, neutralise your décor and fix any obvious maintenance issues. Keeping your home clean and tidy will also help it to appeal to as many buyers as possible.


Get your finances in order


If you require a mortgage for your house purchase, try to get an offer in place as soon as you decide it’s time to move. Not only will having your finances in order help to speed up your purchase, it will also make you more attractive to sellers, boosting your chances of securing your dream home.


Get in touch with a reliable local agent


One of the most important factors in any property sale is the estate agent. If you put your home on with a reliable agent with a long list of local house hunters, there’s a good chance it will be under offer in a matter of weeks. A reliable local agent will also be able to advise you on the best ways to appeal to your target audience and walk you through every step of the selling process.


If you want to be in your new home in time for Christmas, you need to get your property on the market as quickly as possible. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.