Musker McIntyre
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A keen estate agent projecting enthusiasm for your job

07/06/16 By Brenda and Ken Bent (Buyer)

Tyler, we thank you for taking the time to introduce these two properties to us. We also once again must compliment you on your professional manner and the prompt and efficient way in which you handled the questions we had. You have outshone any agent we have done business with over the years we have lived in Suffolk since 1991. We could tell you were familiar enough with each property to actively conduct the viewing, introducing each room to us and bringing our attention to various positive aspects/features of each room, all of which was of great value to us and would, we believe, be so for any vendor. I know we have said this before, you most certainly must be a great asset to your company which we feel sure they must be aware of. A purely personal opinion, Tyler, is that we feel you are a keen estate agent projecting enthusiasm for your job and knowledge of what you do. With an upbeat, positive attitude and very good interactive listening skills, we can see you as a branch manager one day!

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