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Safe proofing your home


Although your home may well suit you perfectly, if you’re living with a pet, a small child or an elderly relative, you may well find that hazards appear everywhere. Taking a little time to assess the potential dangers in and around your property will help you to take the necessary steps to safeguard the more vulnerable members of your household and prevent any avoidable accidents or injuries. To help get your started, here are a few of the most common safety issues found in the UK’s home.




In most cases, pets are pretty good at looking after themselves. Even if they do take a tumble off the sofa or fall down the stairs, your cat/dog/rabbit will probably just pick themselves up and continue as if nothing happened. One thing you do need to watch out for however is access to the garden. If you have a dog, or a free range rabbit, you’ll need to make sure there are no gaps in the fence where they could escape. If you have a cat, it’s always a good idea to ensure they can access the outside world whenever necessary using a cat flap.




Safe proofing your home for children is an entirely different ball game and there are lot of things you need to consider when making the changes. Install child proof devices on cupboards and drawers to prevent your inquisitive kids from getting to the contents and hurting themselves. Try to ensure that furniture can’t easily be pulled over and make sure that curtain drawstrings are well out of reach. Depending on your property, there are probably a number of other steps you need to take so have a good look around to see what needs to be done.


The elderly


Safe proofing your home for an elderly relative will depend on their specific needs and requirements. In most cases, you’ll need to install a handrail going up the stairs and ensure that the type of flooring you’ve installed isn’t too slippery. Your bathroom may also need a bit of attention. Adding hand rails close to the toilet and bath will allow easier access to the space while replacing the bath altogether with a sit down shower can make washing a lot easier for those with mobility problems.


Other areas that may need to safe-proofed include the kitchen, the entrance and access points to the garden and other outside spaces.


Ensuring that your home is as safe as possible for the other members of your household is essential if you’re going to feel happy and relaxed in your property. Take the necessary steps now and make sure your home is safe for everyone.

23/02/18 By Richard Clarke
Category: News
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