We’re sponsoring the Poringland Primary Fete

Tuesday 20th June 2017

As a company involved in the property industry, we’re inextricably linked to the local area and the local community. We’ve helped many of the couples, families and individuals who live in and around Norwich to buy and sell their homes, and so know many people personally. As a result of our close links with the local area, we’re always interested in finding new ways to support and promote this fantastic corner of the UK.

One way in which we like to get involved is by sponsoring worthwhile events like the Poringland Primary Fete. Events like these are essential for bringing people together and fostering a sense of community and, more importantly, they give us all a chance to have some fun.

Poringland Primary Fete

The Poringland Primary Fete will take place on Saturday 24th June. Doors will open at 11am and the event will run until 3:30 pm. The theme of the event is ‘the magic of Harry Potter’. Though there’s no official involvement from any of the team at Warner Bro or JK Rowling, we’re expecting the event to be a real success with lots of magical activities for all the family to enjoy.

Entertainment available on the day will include a bouncy castle, an assault course, a soft play area, face painting, children’s crafts and a BBQ. There’ll also be a fancy dress competition for the best dressed child, making the fete a fantastic excuse to go all out on your Harry Potter themed costume. Entry to the fete will cost £1 for an adult while kids go free.

Sponsoring local events

There are lots of reasons why we like to sponsor local events, but the main one is that if offers us the opportunity to give something back. Our community is incredibly important to us. As well as making Norfolk a fantastic place to live, the community helps support our business by recommending us, working with us and using our expert services.

This has helped us to become one of the fastest growing independent estate agents in the country. By giving something back to the community we can show our appreciation for their support and help to make Norfolk an even better place to call home.

If you have an event that you think we’d be interested in sponsoring, feel free to get in touch to discuss it with our team. Alternatively, if you’re interested in our property expertise or want to learn more about the local property market, give us a call or take a look around our site.

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