Selling Your House in the Summer

Friday 31st March 2017

Selling Your House in the Summer

Though there are buyers on the hunt for new homes 365 days a year, there are some periods that are busier than other. Traditionally, spring and autumn are the busiest seasons as the mild weather and lack of major distractions help buyers to focus on the task in hand. In the summer and winter months the market often slows down, making it more difficult for vendors to sell their properties and achieve their asking price.

However, though it can be more of a challenge to sell a property in the summer months, it’s far from impossible. All it takes is a bit of planning, some knowhow and a great estate agent.

Summer slowdown

The main reason the market slows down in the summer is that there are fewer people looking. Buyers are distracted from their house hunts by summer holidays, childcare and sunshine. Many decide to put their searches on the backburner until the autumn rolls around. A lot of parents are also reluctant to search in the summer holidays as it could potentially mean moving home right at the start of the school year, just as their children are settling into the classroom.

Make the most of the sunshine

One big advantage you have selling in the summer months is the sunshine. Making the most of this can help you to make your home much more appealing. Put a little bit of time and money into your outside space, replacing tired old garden furniture and giving the flower beds a bit of TLC. If you can demonstrate to buyers that your home is a great place to relax on a summer’s day, it will help to enhance their opinion of your property and could seal the deal.

Make it light, bright and airy

These days, most buyers want their properties to be light, bright and airy. In the summer, this is much easier to achieve. If it’s a nice day, open your windows, make sure the curtains are drawn and emphasise the summery feel with some fresh flowers dotted around the house. Putting a little bit of effort into making your home feel bright and airy could pay dividends as it will go a long way to informing your buyers’ first impressions of your property.

Use a good estate agent

If you plan to sell during the summer months, you need to use an agent who’s going to be proactive and work hard to get your property the attention it deserves. At Musker McIntyre, we work to get homes noticed whatever the weather. What’s more, thanks to our long list of buyers looking for homes in the area, we can ensure the right people see your home, giving it the best chance of flying off the shelves.

For more tips and advice on selling your home, take a look round our site or contact a member of our team.

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