New Research Shows Norwich Workers Are Second Happiest in the UK

Thursday 1st June 2017

If you’re considering relocating to improve your work/life balance and boost your happiness, a move to the East of England could be just what the doctor ordered. Recent research has shown that workers in the east are the second happiest in the UK, with the region scoring highly across almost all areas of the study.

So what is it about Norwich and the East of England that makes people happy? And could you improve your own life with a move to East Anglia?


One of the main factors that impacts happiness at work is appreciation. If employees feel like they’re valued, they’ll be much more likely to be happy in their workplace. Staff who are appreciated are also generally more loyal to their employer and stay in their jobs for longer.

Meaningful work

Most of us want to feel like we’ve made a difference at the end of the day so it’s no surprise that meaningful work is a major factor in the happiness stakes. Many of the businesses based in Norwich and the surrounding area are start ups and family run enterprises. This probably goes a long way to helping staff feel like they’re really making a difference.


Fairness in the workplace also comes high up on the list of things that affect employee happiness. We all want to be treated fairly by bosses and colleagues no matter what the circumstances. Businesses that achieve this sense of fairness are more likely to have happy and satisfied employees.

Positive relationships

If you work full time, you probably spend the majority of your waking week in the office. For some, this means they spend more time with their colleagues than they do their families, so it’s no surprise that positive relationships in the workplace have an impact on employee happiness.

As the majority of workers in Norwich and the East of England are happy in their roles, offices are often more harmonious, something that helps employees to get along and fosters a positive atmosphere. What’s more, as many employees in the area live close to work, it’s often easier for workers in Norwich to socialise and have fun with their colleagues.


Empowering staff to make their own decisions and manage their own workflows can help employees to be a lot happier in the workplace. If they don’t feel like they have someone breathing down their necks, staff will feel much more relaxed and happier in their work.

If you’re thinking about joining the legions of happy workers in Norwich and the surrounding area, take a look at the outstanding properties available on our site today.

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