How to make moving house stress-free for your pet

Tuesday 13th June 2017

Whether you’re moving to the other side of the village or relocating across the country, moving house is a big upheaval. For your pets, who don’t understand what’s going on, a move can be even more stressful. To help you keep your furry friends happy while you relocate, here are our top tips for a stress free move.


Moving is often hardest on the feline members of your household. Cats are creatures of habit and any changes to their routine can easily unsettle them. To make the move as easy on your cats as possible, take a minute to plan what exactly you’re going to do with your cats while your home is being packed up and relocated.

Some homeowners decide to put their cats in a cattery for the duration of the move. Though most cats aren’t too keen on feline hotels, this approach does ensure they’ll be out of harm’s way when you’re packing, moving and unloading your boxes. Once you’ve unpacked at your new property, you can simply pick your cat up and reintroduce them into the home.

If you decide to keep your cat with you, you should allocate a ‘safe room’ where your feline friend can stay during the packing process. Having lots of strangers coming in and out of the house can upset some cats and occasionally they can run away or make themselves scarce just when it’s time to go. Instead of letting them roam free, keep them in a room with lots of things that smell like home. You could also consider investing in some calming feline pheromones to help keep them happy while you’re relocating.

When you introduce your moggy to your new home, start them off in one room and place lots of things that smell like home around them. It’s a good idea to keep your cat in for a few weeks to get them used to their new house and to minimise the chances of your cat going missing.


In general, dogs are less stressed by moving home than cats. Though you’ll need to ensure your dog is in a safe place when you’re moving boxes and furniture out of your property, most pooches won’t be too unsettled by a move as long as they’re able to stay close to you throughout the process. Have their bed set up and ready in your new home when they arrive so they know they’re staying for good.

Other pets

If you have other pets at home, you’ll need to take it on a case by case basis. Most small pets like hamsters and guinea pigs won’t be bothered by a move, as long as they have plenty of food and water and are kept in a safe place, your pets should cope well with your relocation.

For more ideas on how you can keep stress to a minimum during your move, explore our site today.

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