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Joanna has Completed her Second Camino Challenge for the Big C charity

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Jo's Camino Walk 1

Above: From Top Left to Right: Joanna with her Compostela from the Pilgrims office, the feet and legs that carried her the 364 miles, Buildings in Santiago de Compostela. Bottom Left to Right:  Views along the journey, Joanna in the Santiago Catherdral Square, pictures around some ancient mills.

Joanna McIntyre reflects on her latest Camino walk which she completed on May 9th, 2016.

“Camino completed – 364 miles in 21 days which is approximately 17.5 miles per day, not bad! Of course I had the obligatory blisters which appeared in the first week and the usual aches and pains that accompany a long distance walk, however, this year it did seem a little easier. Perhaps it was because I was better prepared mentally and also knew what to expect from the hostel accommodation which is always very basic – bunk beds etc. Also knowing that I have physically walked 500 miles last year helped. It was an amazing journey this year through Portugual and then up into Spain and finally to the destination of Santiago de Compostela. The weather was very varied with heavy downpours and chilly mornings at the beginning and then temperatures soaring up to 34 degrees on some days which made the walking tough in the heat.

Each day I would set out at about 7am with between 6-8 hours walking ahead of me, not knowing really what to expect and whom I would meet, this is all part of the Camino journey meeting different people from all over the world who are brought together in order to achieve the goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela. The way is dotted with wonderful scenery, interesting historical places and some awe inspiring architecture together with the opportunity to watch the everyday lives and goings on of all the local people. I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me in this challenge and also all the support from the team at Musker McIntyre.

I have raised a decent amount for The Big C which is great news as every penny helps to combat this awful disease – if you do feel like donating it’s not too late please follow the link to my JustGiving Page below.

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If you do feel inspired to walk a Camino please feel free to contact me if you need any advice or ideas – it is a wonderful way to escape the rat-race for a few weeks and really get back in touch with yourself and nature.

Buen Camino”

Below: Joanna stands in the doorway of St James Door which is only open in Holy years of the Cathedral, Jo starting out on her final day in the rain and a selection of photos from Jo’s walk, check out her Facebook Page to see more lovely photos.

Jo's Camino Walk

Joanna McIntyre’s Walk 350 for The Big C’s 35th year

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