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Selling? Social media is no substitute!

Thursday 26th January 2017


Why social media is no substitute when it comes to selling your home

In the last few years social media has made huge inroads in all areas of business. From sales and marketing to recruitment, social media networks are being utilised by companies across all industries. In the world of property, social media has long been used by estate agents looking to boost their brand awareness and ensure their properties are viewed by as many people as possible. However, though social media can be a valuable tool, it’s no substitute for experience and expertise. If you’re thinking of selling your home, here’s why you should always use the help of a professional.

Knowing the market

Though social media is a good way to get your property seen by a lot of people, it might not necessarily be seen by the right people. As all estate agents know, getting a property viewed by the right people is all important. All it takes is for the right house hunter to see the right property and the sale could be done and dusted before the day is over.

As estate agents will know the local market better than anyone – and will probably have a list of eager buyers in your area – they’ll be perfectly placed to get your property out to the people who really want to buy houses just like yours.

Follow up

If you advertise your home on social media, and people start to get in touch with enquiries, it can be difficult to know exactly how to follow up these enquiries. Come across too keen, and you could put buyers off, reply too slowly and house hunters will probably have moved on by the time they get your message.

An estate agent on the other hand will be able to judge the follow up perfectly. Using their professional experience and expertise, they’ll be able to reel in potential buyers and get the interest in your home stoked up to a whole new level.

The professional touch

Though social media is becoming more popular with people selling their homes, it sometimes lacks the professional touch and a lot of people are still not sure whether or not they can trust social media 100%. Some potential buyers may not be sure the post is genuine or may worry the property details are inaccurate. A good estate agent will be able to give your property sale the professionalism it deserves. They’ll be able to win the trust of buyers, ensure all the details are correct and give the sale the best chance possible of going through.


Though there is a place for social media in property sales, it’s still no substitute for professional estate agents. To find out more, or to talk to someone about selling your home, contact a member of our team today.

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