How to Avoid Horror Stories When Buying A New Home

Friday 20th October 2017


Happy Halloween – How to Avoid Horror Stories When Buying A New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting process. From the moment you first clap eyes on your dream abode to the time you finally get the keys to the front door, buying a new home is an exhilarating journey. However, in some cases, property purchases can turn from fairy stories to horror stories. To ensure the process of buying your next home doesn’t turn into something worthy of Friday 13th, take a look at our quick guide to property purchases.

Use a reputable agent

The agent you use for your property purchase will have a big impact on the transaction. Use a good agent, and the sale should go through without a hitch, use a bad one however and your dream of moving home could soon turn into a nightmare.

It should be relatively easy to work out if your agent is reliable or not simply by talking to them. Phone the office a few times to see how quickly they answer your calls and how easily they remember your case. If they’re polite, efficient and helpful on the phone, the chances are they’ll be effective when it comes to managing your purchase. If the agent has poor customer service on the other hand, or if they’re always late to meet you at viewings and appointments, it could be well worth giving them a wide berth.

Take your time

Buying a new home is a big investment and it’s important you give the whole process the time and the attention is deserves. When you begin searching for a new property, try not to assign any unrealistic deadlines to your house hunt. Once you’ve found your dream home, give yourself plenty of time to get the paperwork together, take care of the surveys and double check all of the relevant info regarding the property and its location. The more time you have, the less stressful the move will be and the easier you’ll find it to manage the process.

Do your research

There are lots of things that can turn a house purchase into a nightmare. Some of them are outside of your control, but a lot of them aren’t. You can ensure you spot any potential property pitfalls early by doing as much research as possible on your chosen home. Find out which council tax bracket it’s in, if it’s located in a conservation area and if there are any other special circumstances that could apply to the property. If you’re buying a flat, you’ll also need to find out the details of the lease and the costs of maintenance and ground rent on the property.

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