How to Attract First Time Buyers

Friday 3rd February 2017

Selling Your House? – How to Attract First Time Buyers

If you’re trying to sell a city centre flat, a terraced house or a semi on a suburban estate, there’s a good chance that first time buyers will be your core market. Keen to get on the property ladder and chain free, these property novices make great buyers. What’s more, with a range of government schemes and incentives now open to those purchasing their very first home, now is a great time to be appealing to Millennials.


One of the main things that appeals to first time buyers, especially in cities, is connectivity. They want to have great access to bus routes, trains and the local road network and be within easy reach of shops, restaurants pubs and other essential amenities. If you’re present when your agent is showing your property, or if you’ve chosen to show your home yourself, make a point of telling your prospective buyers about the transport links and amenities in the local area. If you’re not sure how good the nearby buses and trains are, or if you haven’t visited your local pub in a while, do a bit of research before your buyers turn up to make sure you’ve got all the answers.

Intelligent design

In general, Millennials are happy to accept a smaller property if it’s well designed. Intelligent storage solutions, clever uses of space and a multifunctional layout will all appeal to first time buyers, especially those on a tight budget. If your home is currently lacking in the intelligent design department, take a bit of time to have a look around and see if there’s anything you can rearrange. Even small things like moving a desk into the spare room to show how it can double up as an office can help, so get creative.

Outside space

Outside space is important to a lot of first time buyers. Millennials often like the idea of using the garden as an extension of the living space, so you should consider giving your patio and lawn a bit of TLC if they’re looking a bit tired. Simple touches like planting a few flowerpots, digging the garden furniture out of storage and putting the BBQ on show will help to sell the space and the lifestyle.

Get online

Millennials do a lot of their socialising, organising and planning online. If you want to appeal to this crucial demographic, make sure your home is advertised on property websites and be ready to respond to your potential buyers’ questions quickly and efficiently. Marketing your home at first time buyers is a good way to secure a sale and achieve the asking price you’re looking for. To find out more contact a member of our team today.

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